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Classic New Orleans Warehouse District Architecture

The Montgomery family built the space in 1852 not too far from their Plantation home. The space was used to store produce close to the Mississippi River before shipping it out.

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Based in the heart of the Warehouse District, New Orleans’ historically relevant and hippest young neighborhood, Republic NOLA occupies a spacious warehouse that has served many purposes in its 150 year history.

The turn-of-the-century building was originally used as a holding facility for coffee being exported via the Mississippi River, located just yards away. The space sat dormant for years, preserved as if in a time capsule. The venue was finally revived as a part of the “Australian Pavilion” for the 1984 World’s Fair. Shortly thereafter, Oliver Stone took his turn with the building, developing it into a set for his critically acclaimed “JFK,” which was based and filmed partly in New Orleans. Thereafter, the space became a bastion for rock music, hosting bands such as the Foo Fighters, Better Than Ezra, and The Strokes.

Once the rock venue moved to a larger space, the managing partners of Republic decided that they would refine the space to create a classy, upscale environment that would incorporate the building’s various incarnations into the design. The partners would enhance the existing architectural elements and combine them with becoming finishes and informed furniture and upholstery design to create an in-fashion interpretation of a historically significant space. The result is Republic NOLA, an elegant, yet approachable space that is perfect for entertaining or seeing live music.

Republic NOLA caters to a diverse, interesting, and eclectic audience who enjoy music, cocktails, and entertainment of all kinds.  Our guests’ experiences are paramount to everything that we produce. We aim to be stylish, elegant, sophisticated, and artistically credible, yet approachable. We will constantly innovate, while maintaining the history and classic beauty of our space.