My name is Brett Hopkin. I was born in San Antonio, Texas on March 17th, 1994. I am currently a Sound Recording Technology major at Texas State University, in San Marcos, Texas. I have been involved with music for over half of my life! I started simple with choir and playing recorder in Elementary school. At the beginning of my middle school years, I began to teach myself guitar. I was really into classic blues, 80′s metal, and any kind of rock really. My musical horizons expanded exponentially everyday. I played saxophone throughout middle school, high school, and college as well. I was an All State saxophone player my senior year in high school, also I was Drum major for 2 consecutive years in high school. I began composing music when I was about 15 when I got a Mac for Christmas my freshman year and I began to play around with Logic Express and Garage Band. I started to write saxophone solos, quartets, piano pieces, marching band tunes, as well as full symphonic pieces. My parents split up when I was about 5 months old, so growing up in split homes was difficult. I felt like a normal kid playing sports, skateboarding, jamming to music, having emotions etc.. but I never fully understood my childhood differences until I got to high school when I would have to explain my life story any time someone wanted to chill on the weekends. Throughout my life, I have overcome the struggles of divorced parents, best friends dying, broken hearts, broken homes, and also a broken mind. My inspiration for my music comes from my life experiences as a musician and a human. Music is my way of spreading the ideas of good vibes, better memories, and the best experiences. I started producing in January 2012 and I was hooked. I made my first song in about a week and I knew from then I had to do more. My main goal in life right now is score major films, I figured being a DJ/Producer is a good foot in the door. Within 6 months of Producing, I won my first remix contest for Pitbull on Talenthouse. This was my first taste of the life that I had always dreamed of as a child. I began doing more and more remixes and played my first actual DJ gig in a small pizza parlor in San Antonio, Texas called Hollywood Pizza. Everything took of from then on. I was getting booked for a show every month, then 2 shows a month, then there was a point where I did 8 shows in one month playing at different spots each time. Now I have shared the stage with artists such as Yellow Claw, Q-Bik, and SO SO many more to come in this 2014 year. My influence as a musician is beginning. I hope to become a great influence to the world as you all know it through my talents and ideas. I am always thinking of musical ideas and I am always thinking of ways to change the game.

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Thursday, July 12

CRWNS & Friends present...


CRWNS + Jetlag Girl

Doors: 9pm
Tickets: Early Bird: $5 • Advance: $7
Ages: 18+

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