Legit: The Trifecta


legit – /liˈjit/
1. (adj.) A modern synonym for words such as “cool,” “lit,” “tight,” or “dope.” Used to describe a noun that is of a particularly excellent quality.

republic – /rəˈpəblik/
1. (noun) New Orleans’ premier live music venue, a historic warehouse with crystal chandeliers, exposed wooden beams, and vintage brick.

Kidd Love – /KiD’LUV/
1.(noun) A proud NOLA native and a true master of his craft, Jacob “Kidd Love” Martin has been spinning fire longer than even he can remember. Legend has it that he picked the set-list for the hospital room he was born in before his mother even went into labor.

DJ BZRK – /burrrrr’ZERK/
1.(noun) A DJ for the people. A genre-bending master of electronic & hip-hop. Widely known for his ostentatious hat collection and signature dance moves.

1.(noun) Probably the most ripped DJ you’re going to see. Seriously, this dude looks like a Greek God. Like, what’re they putting in the water in Haiti? Don’t miss out the return of one of Republic’s most prolific residents. He will not disappoint!

Trust us. It will be legit.

The Details

Saturday, August 19

Republic NOLA presents...

Legit: The Trifecta

DJ TRIP x BZRK x Kidd Love

Doors: 10pm
Tickets: Free for Ladies // $10 for Men
Ages: 18+